Explore a directionless world.


SBGames 2018 · Design


SBGames 2018 · Best Game


BIG Festival 2016 · Brazilian Award


IMGA · 2017 Nominee

Best of

The Mix at E3 2017


SBGames 2018 · Narrative

In a bizarre universe where the oppressed are on the brink of oblivion, Dandara has awoken to reshape the world.

As a metroidvania carefully designed with both touch and gamepad in mind, we considered how you could achieve exploration and fast action using either input. The result was a gravity bending world where movement is comprised of jumping from surface to surface in lovingly crafted environments. It's up to Dandara to restore balance and give direction to a directionless world!



  • Innovative control scheme lets action and exploration happen fluently on both touchscreen and gamepad alike!
  • Beautiful, handcrafted pixel art and original soundtrack!
  • Wide variety of enemies and puzzles, no room should feel the same!
  • Plenty of secrets to discover!

They're talking about it

"Having to leap around turns even simple enemy encounters into an acrobatics challenge where every victory feels well earned. Dandara is a flashy addition to the Metroidvania genre."

Heather Alexandra from Kotaku

"Dandara is a game all fans of Metroidvanias will want to try."

William Murphy from Game Space

"...every boss, every obstacle, figuring out every puzzle felt so rewarding, so damn good..."

Pelvic Gaming from Youtube

"Seriously, though, if you were ever going to shell out for a iOS game that is premium to its core, you want to do it for one that earns it with stellar gameplay, stylish presentation and just the right dash of nostalgia. "

Nick Tylwalk from Touch Arcade

"I had a blast as it continues to build on the foundation it laid, [and I] discovered the secrets this bizarre society has to offer. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you need to play Dandara."

Snoman Gaming from Youtube

"Dandara is a small pearl that gives new life to the metroidvanias. It offers interesting mechanics, a fascinating game world and the right level of difficulty."

Simone Pettine from Multiplayer.it

"I know it's early on in the year, but this is a contender for game of the year for me."

Christine Chan from App Advice

"Where its movement and controls excel because of their fluidity, it’s the more strategic mindset of its set-pieces that give the game its lasting identity — one Dandara delivers with both confidence and finesse."

Jordan Helm from Hardcore Gamer

"Dandara is an indie game that couldn't have released at a better time. It's a surreal, magical, platformer."

Jeffrey Rousseau from GameSkinny

"With totally innovative mechanics, a character with strong identity in visual terms, the Long Hat House game is an ode to Brazilian culture and Belo Horizonte. "

Lelo Galdino from Switch Brasil

"Dandara does what many fail to do: it takes an interesting concept, and executes on it perfectly. It is simply a well-polished game; Long Hat House hit the nail on the head."

Greenbean from Save or quit

"Any game that makes me want to face off against hours of challenging fights is something special."

Danielle Riendeau from Waypoint Vice

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João Brant


Lucas Mattos


Thommaz Kauffmann

Music Composer and Audio Designer

Victor Leão


Raw Fury


Developed in Unity 5 engine.

Designed both for gamepad and touch devices.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Korean

Release: February 2018