Under Pressure

Drama-filled short adventure and puzzle game. LD #29.

After a day of work, you just want to go back home and greet your wife and have a well-earned pizza. You never expect the worse: an earthquake! Now you need to try and leave through the debris of what was your office building to try and have your life back.

Ludum Dare #29 entry. Theme: underground. We naturally chose to try and do two parallel games simultaneously, trying to create a cohesive whole.

What we made then, was an adventure game, with dialogue and puzzles, with a sort of puzzle game where you can control your limbs and position while you crawl through the tunnels of a destroyed building. We were really happy with the sound effects of this one.

Under Pressure
Under Pressure


  • Actual dialogue and thoughts of your character: the blue-shirt man.
  • Experimental mix of two different "planes" of gameplay.
  • Check your stress meter with your heartbeat. I guess that is a feature.

They're talking about it

"The mood is intense, and the gameplay presents a couple neat ideas for spending all your time crawling in a constricting place."

John Polson from Indiegames.com

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Developed in Citrus Engine, with Starling.

Languages: English

Release: April 28, 2014