I wanna play snake

You just want to play snake all the time. GGJ.

When 2015's GGJ theme was "What do we do now?", and after a lot of thought, we came out of this concept of lots of people annoying the player with that question.

With that, we made this game, a game where you only want to play snake, even if that means the world exploding and blaming everything on the 1 percent.

I wanna play snake
I wanna play snake


  • Sharp Snake gameplay as you remember from that old Nokia.
  • Camera that dictates what information should the player know.
  • Inverted score: it is so hard to die from another cause that is not losing in Snake, that it is actually a goal to try do die differently.

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João Brant


Lucas Mattos


Alessander Thomaz

Sound fx, writing

Rafael Tonholo


Brian Corr

Writing, Music

Encho Chagas


Developed in Unity.

There is actually an explosion in this game.

Languages: English

Release: January 2015