You're it!

Online multiplayer tag game. LD #33.

You're it! is an online multiplayer tag game, the Tag is the "monster", and other players will run from it. Every player has a time to live, and while you're it, your time will decrease till 0, when you're out of the game. The last remaining player is the winner.

It was the first 3D game for almost all of our team, and also the first online multiplayer game. Unity Network API gave us a lot of trouble, but we think we managed to get most of the issues out of the way. We still want to improve the net code to reduce lag for clients, and the ui flow (disabling/enabling buttons, more ui feedback, etc)

For us, it was great working with more people for once and concluding that doing a multiplayer game in Unity is, indeed, very possible. Also, as our first time doing a 3D game, it opened that door for us as well. Hope all this new, covered ground can give us the will to develop even more complex and bigger games!

Feeling kind of alone in the game? Well, you can ask for us to play anytime at twitter. Go on. Do it!

Made in 72 hours in Ludum Dare #33 Jam.

You're it!
You're it!


  • It's an online multiplayer game.
  • Fun, minimalistic art and sounds!
  • Try to outrun and outsmart your friends with several different powerups.
  • We mentioned it's an online multiplayer game?

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Developed in Unity 5, using the brand-new Networking solution of theirs.

Languages: English

Release: August 24, 2015