Magenta Arcade

Finger-based shooter.


FunPlus's IndiePlus


BIG Festival 2015
Brazilian Award


IMGA 2016
Excellence in Gameplay

The cycle of wishes is a sacred ritual for the people! It is where you give out wishes for them. During many cycles peace reigned in your lands, but everything changed when Ivo Magenta made his last wish. Now, disaster emerges, and you have to sleep until the next cycle. When you wake up, everything depends on you!

Use your finger to shoot him and his minions down with weaponized wishes, the world's order is now in your hands! Literally! Magenta Arcade is a finger-based top-down shooter. In other words, it is a top-down 2D shooter where your "ship" is your finger. Know when to touch the screen to attack or retract and hide to defend yourself!

Magenta Arcade
Magenta Arcade


  • Innovative mechanic of "your finger is your ship".
  • Five levels of action, each with an unique twist and boss.
  • 2 types of weapons, 4 kinds of each. Discover the best arsenal for each scenario!
  • Compete with yourself and friends in the highscore and earn medals for beating the developers' score!

They're talking about it

"A clever twist on the bullet hell genre, Magenta Arcade is well worth checking out."

Harry Slater from Pocket Gamer

"Now that it’s out, I am delighted with how great the game is."

Christine Chan from App Advice

"Magenta Arcade is definitely one of the best bullet-hell shooter games released in recent times."

Francesco from TouchTapPlay

"... the actual act of playing Magenta Arcade is so cool and such a genius idea that it's worth checking out for that alone."

Carter Dotson from Touch Arcade

"Magenta Arcade is that much more enjoyable than others in the genre, requiring some strategy as well as some fast reactions."

Jennifer Allen from 148apps

"É sempre ótimo poder ver desenvolvedores brasileiros lançando um game de tanta qualidade, ainda mais com uma mecânica inovadora e extremamente divertida."

Pedro Calçada from Sem Tilt

"Mecânica central diferente e interessante: checado. Ideias extras que vão sendo incorporadas com o tempo: checado."

Gabriel Toschi from Game Blast

"Magenta Arcade es puro retro. Gráficos pixelados, en tonos satudaros, old school total. Quien haya vivido el apogeo de las recreativas agradecerá la sensación que este título ofrece al jugador."

MissTrico from El Jugón de Movil

"Un juego divertido y original, diferente con casi total seguridad a lo que habéis jugado hasta ahora. Hay un cierto sentido del humor en todo el planteamiento, los gráficos son brillantes, bien realizados y simpáticos y la banda sonora, bien realizada."

Retro Maniac from Retro Maniac Magazine

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Developed in Citrus Engine, with Starling.

Specifically designed for touch-based mobile devices.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German

Release: March 19, 2015